Letters to christy  in heaven  Valentines 2016 …my body is healing but broken hearted. I have a box of love tissues sitting on my broken apart dresser .I have beautiful roses along with a good intention , soy candle burning over shiny ornaments and glitter.  There is presecco in a wine glass with a banana and some orange juice and the whole bottle sitting with me upstairs cuz I’m going to drink the whole damn thing ,and this isn’t my first bottle but bottle number two for my valentines  brunch ,followed with maybe three valium and you know that’s being good! Especially during a time like this ,but I love you and I know you’re shining down on me and I know you’d be proud that I’m being “Lopez” again for the moment  right now.  You always looked up to me and admired my moxy.  I love you happy valentines day. Your one soul mate that i know of for all time and I miss you so much.  Until im in heaven please stear me back to myself i love and miss your presence my sweet , beautiful, wondrous friend and soulsister. Maybe help me to find someone similar to you to have in my life . You and me are rarities and oddities very  extinct.  I need your higher power . Wish you could be laying here getting trashed with me watching our favorite movies telling each other how wonderful we are ,and giving me your love in a time of pain and need. This would make everything whole like it always did…but for now i remember you and i send my love to you and i know your sending it back because i feel the strength you always brought out in me. Until we reunite in heaven i will prevail and will carry your love and strength in my heart. happy valentines sweet christy I love you more than i could ever say


2 thoughts on “LETTERS TO CHRISTY

  1. Love your writing you do have a way with words I know she there watching over you and by your side just remember no matter what you are never really alone you have people who love you dearly and yes I’m one of them 🙂

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