Olivia wanted to feel beautiful around him. It wasn’t that she thought she wasn’t beautiful or that she didnt believe in her beauty, but it’s that she didnt feel it when she was with him. He never gave her the compliments she desired but he was quick to give them to people of irrelevance. Over time he robbed olivia of her self esteem and confidence . How does one steal this from the most confident girl in the world?!…Olivia was enduring the power of someone that was the most insecure person in the world. He was a slow poison over the years …….

These are the chad chapters ….




Olivia looked over her last 1,000 dollar purchases from the local barnes and nobles. She had dvd cases with workbooks on conquering ailments as well as  stacks of self help books on every subject from how to be a bombshell to how to be an FBI agent, with every intention of cleaning up her life and becoming this cosmic force of wonderment and special well doings. She rolled over pulled a sparkly swirly glass device and began to tell her body to wake up. She began twirling the pipe under a slow and steady flame. The smoke swirled like magic. She slowly inhaled  and exhaled a thick heavy cloud of amazement blown across the room releasing an entity. Now the day was filled with new magic and excitement, and bewilderment for the world of the living.

What had happened to this sweet person we once knew as Olivia??…. The star…

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the big attention whore


  1.                prologue
  2. I walk in a daydream. I have been violated . I thought it was a time for fun but instead it was a time for vengeance. Unbeknownst to me i was being stalked. Stalked by a darkness that was in love with my spirit and the light my soul posessed. It wanted to encompass  my spirit and use its powers to destroy the things that had and would hurt me . It was out for revenge for its own causes of darkness. It needed a host and i was at the wrong place at the right time….
  3.                  chapter 1 
  4.      “Gracie faye muffins! That’s it! That’s your name from now on.” Matter of factly Olivia cooed at her new pet, A beautiful grey and white bangnanease rescue cat with the most…

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