the big attention whore

  1.                prologue
  2. I walk in a daydream. I have been violated . I thought it was a time for fun but instead it was a time for vengeance. Unbeknownst to me i was being stalked. Stalked by a darkness that was in love with my spirit and the light my soul posessed. It wanted to encompass  my spirit and use its powers to destroy the things that had and would hurt me . It was out for revenge for its own causes of darkness. It needed a host and i was at the wrong place at the right time….
  3.                  chapter 1 
  4.      “Gracie faye muffins! That’s it! That’s your name from now on.” Matter of factly Olivia cooed at her new pet, A beautiful grey and white bangnanease rescue cat with the most glorious blue and crossed eyes you ever saw. She pet and stroked the purring beauty’s long  fur. Gracie  was so silky and soft she couldnt get enough.  It had been so long since Olivia had felt affectionate.
  5.           Olivia had been experiencing lapses of memory loss and several manic -like episodes  over the past several months. She shrugged it off as PTSD, or anxiety, or just the fact that she had been through a lot of shit. She chose to self medicate and become numb. It was killing her inside though. This cold and selffish hearted person she had become was like a welcomed imposter. The cat was good company and a warmth to her heart, something she realized she missed. 
  6.           As she drifted off in daydreams of times of love and happiness at “The Electric Lady” tattoo parlor with her friends and mentor it was suddenly interrupted with flashbacks of that fateful night……
  7.                 1 year earlier 
  8.           Glasses clinked and conversation was in the air,  after a long day at the tattoo studio where she was an aspiring artist and apprentice. (To one of the very best in the business and not to mention a  top associate to the mob) ,olivia decided to hit the local speakeasy  in the area to unwind after a long and greuling shift. She had a wad in her pocket burning a hole, and she needed a good stiff cocktail. “Make it a double greyhound!” She winked at the bartender noticing an oddly normal couple of guys over from her, they smiled at her ,she smiled back only in relishment that she had all of her rent money and then some and didnt give a fuck about anything else but feeling contentment in that.
  9.          “sorry hon, i’ll  be right back I’m  out of grapefruit juice” , the bartendered sauntered to the back of the bar taking her sweet ass time . Olivia pulled out her phone to answer a call,just as well, timing was good.
  10.         Completely oblivious to her sourroundings and feeling quite at home, Olivia wasnt paying attention when one of the men leaned over the bar dropping a substance into the half made drink …..
  11.       ”   I feel a heaviness i cannot carry.  I’m scared I’m  going to pass out right here right now! i must get home, i cant stop! I cant call. anyone.must.get.home. Must get home ” , repeated in Olivia’s head over and over as she struggled and staggered to drag herself in desperation and fright to the embodiment of a feeling she had never felt before.She smacked into the walls and drifted into the middle of the street back in forth she fought her way with everything she had. She was going to die this was survival she carried a dead weight every bit of moxy in her fucking bones!
  12.          As