Melissa Faye lopez was born in Oxnard, ca in the spring of 1977. She currently  resides in Ventura county where she spends her time as a master stylist /colorist in the cosmetology industry. She designs and creates all her character looks and is an aspiring author and creator of the fictional tale, “The Big Attention Whore”. All rights reserved . Any or partial reproduction of my writings, characters, designs, or illustrations are prohibited and may not be used  or reproduced without my permission .


4 thoughts on “ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  1. I think that Melissa is the most beautiful woman in the world !! Both inside and out !! If she shares something with you , you should listen……


  2. My friend. You are a true form of beauty. From rockabilly to punk rock , you are on top !!! I would give my soul to be able to spend just 24 hours with a woman of your quality . YOU ROCK HEAVEN SENT !


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